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We believe in pushing the boundaries of what data can do. Whether you are looking for in-house, cloud solutions or both, as a distributor of D-Tech technologies we have the perfect solution for you and your business.

D.epository  Capabilities at a Glance


Keep up to 2.5 million documents in less than 1 GB. With D.epository seamless compression, storage is not an obstacle anymore. D.epository can store most used formats as PDF,PDF/A, HTML, EML,XML,Office Docs etc.. with a 98% compression ratio in a way always ready to present them to millions of customers online, even if they include a digital signature.


With state-of-art presentment layer, D.epository resides in independent hardwares for document presentment. Smart Load Balancing will guarantee you an always up and running system over billions of documents presented to millions of customer in an instant.


You can integrate from any application in your organization with a simple click of the print button. D.epository SOA driven architecture allows you to extend your native archival environments and user interfaces with countless benefits.

D.epository Empowers You With

High Level Security

Advanced Reporting

Module Based Integration

RDBMS Independent Architecture

Power, on your side

Customizable Gathering and Search

Once in place , D.epository may connect automatically to printers, scanners, email accounts, fax servers, shared folders, online portals and many other content generators inside your organization, automatically. Listen to inbound and outbound content and communication in a centralized hub, D.epository Smart Automated Indexing presents you with the acquired content in a perspective that fits your exact requirements. D.epository allows you to create custom search index fields and custom document folders/folders groups to easily filter your data.

Document Consolidation

D.epository is able to merge documents or document parts inside its repository into one document and presents consolidated output in the desired document format independent from the document original formats. The real time document conversion engine embedded in D.epository, enables documentation presentation in user friendly formats.

Bulk Printing Documents

AFP, Postscript, VIPP documents are used as massive document containers for high volume printing. The unique D.epository stream archiving engine allows you to transform those document containers into single user documents, benefiting from digital live document features.

Unique Performance

D.epository stream archiving technology can perform faster than a simple file copy operation. With 2 million page /hour archival speed your documents will be available for online presentment long before they are printed.

Supported Document Types

D.epository digital document archival engine supports every kind of document or content type. For most used formats such as Office Documents, PDF, XML, HTML, EML D.epository enables high intensity compression and document conversion features.

Pre/Post Processing

With D.epository customizable pre/post document processing functions it is possible to alter and enhance the input documents. Adding or removing text , annotations, image, barcodes, pages etc.., gathering index fields, masking secure data and many other processes are available to use on document gathering or on the fly document presentment.

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