How Quadient is helping the digital transformation movement

The biggest shift to hybrid (digital and physical mail) communications is happening within our current marketplace.

Quadient collaborates with customers, at every stage of business, and strives to offer products and solutions that work together to effort the transition for customers as they move through the transformation.

For instance, the mix of physical mail and digital outreach offered through the Quadient® Impress suite is vitally important for many of our customers. It is a comprehensive outbound document management platform for SMB’s that automates the entire customer communication workflow and gives the flexibility to send transactional documents via any combination of channels – Print, Digital or Outsourced. It allows companies the option to send print or digital, or even outsource the communications. With many employees working remotely, this allows options for the company to continue to connect with customers.

That said, transformation is not without challenge. The main roadblock that companies run into is the processes that they have currently in place. With the current environment, companies need to question the way they work and if it is efficient.

That is when Quadient can help by reviewing existing processes and procedures and provide a system that can help fill in the gaps. Quadient collaborates with companies and works with them through challenges, finding the opportunities that lie within current processes. They work together to review the process and make sure the outreach is relevant, having goals for internal customers and external customers. Companies need to ensure customers, employees, and internal customers have a choice.

When companies are able to communicate in a more efficient way with their customers, based on their preferences of course, it can lead to better relationships, communications, increased ROI. The biggest benefit a company can do is to offer customers a preference as to physical mail or digital outreach. Quadient can help bring the innovation and technology to any company, and along with the suite of solutions that can complete the entire outreach process. Quadient invests in the products and solutions to help companies reach their goals, today and in the future.

Article written by Phil Hutchison

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