Quadient partners with Beehive to spread the customer experience revolution across Africa

Financial Services specialist will sell and support Quadient products across the continent, helping customers take the next step beyond customer communications

London, 05/02/2019: Quadient, the award-winning leader in Customer Communications Management (CCM), has announced that Beehive Online Solutions has become its first partner in South Africa. Building on its established experience supporting the financial, telecommunications and retail sectors across the continent, Beehive will use Quadient’s software to provide solutions including omnichannel customer communications and mobile application development; and support organisations in moving beyond simple customer communication and towards delivering a complete customer experience.

“Our focus is on far more than just customer communication,” said Mike Davies, Vice President Business Partners at Quadient. “Our aim is to enable a conversation between businesses and their customers, over any channel. This means offering a complete customer experience, from first contact to a satisfying resolution. Africa is an exciting market for us, and businesses there are already making use of both existing and new technology in imaginative ways to address the unique challenges their customers face. As a result, we’re delighted to enter into this partnership with Beehive, and see them as an extension of Quadient in Africa: acting as a single source for businesses across the continent to take advantage of our customer experience technology and expertise.”

Beehive has identified a step change in African businesses: as they begin to move from offering customer communications to understanding the need for a complete customer experience, where every step of a customer journey is mapped, understood and ultimately satisfied.

Beginning as a Quadient Silver Business Partner, Beehive is already engaged with customers in South Africa, Botswana and Namibia who are keen to understand how to make the next step in offering a richer customer experience. This is especially important as many customers are beginning to expect more from businesses, and are at risk of leaving for more progressive companies that can provide the experience they want. Beehive aims to offer local support to these businesses, helping them meet the challenges of the modern African economy with on-the-ground knowledge.

“There is no denying the importance of having local experience and understanding,” said Reg Bath, Executive Director, Beehive Online Solutions. “We are pleased to not only act as Quadient’s local representatives, but more importantly support our customers through what is a highly transformative time. For many African businesses, understanding and making the leap from legacy customer communications to a digital customer experience will be the difference between success and failure. Our customers aim high, and want their solutions to deliver the maximum possible value – even in areas the developers didn’t even consider. By partnering with Quadient, we are confident that we have technology that will give our customers what they need and help them forge ahead in the new customer experience-focused era.”

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