Quadient Archive & Retrieval

Powerful Archive and Retrieval for Improved Customer Experience

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Quadient Archive & Retrieval is highly scalable solution that enables you to improve customer experience by providing fast and easy access to documents and data across all channels.

It integrates flawlessly with the Quadient customer communications management (CCM) solution, Quadient Inspire. Quadient Archive & Retrieval is specifically designed and built to manage large output volumes and document formats. When used with Quadient Inspire, it enables you to create batch and on-demand omni-channel communications.

Quadient Archive & Retrieval at a Glance


Drive online traffic, and dramatically reduce call volumes by enabling your customers to access their documents through your online portal on any device, any time.


Enable your CSR’s to access historical documentation and data, allowing you to handle customer inquiries faster and improve time to resolution. Quadient Archive & Retrieval creates a complete view of your customers and delivers that view to the right person, in the right place, at the right time.


Quadient Archive & Retrieval enables you to store large volumes of documents and data up to 75 times more efficiently than conventional archive technology. It features unparalleled PDF indexing and compression capabilities, full-text indexing, legal hold, and electronic report delivery.

Quadient Archive & Retrieval Enables You to

Archive and Store your documents easily in one location

Dramatically reduce your file sizes, increasing storage capacity

Deliver your files to anyone, anytime, anywhere.

Save with our all-in-one archiving solution

Experience the difference

Comprehensive Archiving Solutions

Automatically captures and store high-volumes of documents and data, in any format, into one archive. Quadient Archive & retrieval comes with powerful search and fast retrieval options with a delivery solution for multiple browsers, mobile devices and desktop environments.

Future-proof and scalable

Quadient Archive & Retrieval is the only solution open for analysis by business intelligence tools including Watson Analytics, Cognos, Tableau, and Spark.

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