Quadient Inspire Journey

Empower your teams with direct customer insights and ignite customer-centric decision-making within your business.

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Quadient Inspire Journey At A Glance

Quadient Inspire Journey is a cloud-based journey mapping solution that incorporates the digital and physical touch-points your customers interact with into your live journey maps. The solution allows for Customer Experience teams to easily visualize journeys, prioritise improvements and communicate directly through the tool’s dynamic orchestration of highly personalized experiences. 

Inspire Journey Enables You To

Transform your Customer Experience with Quadient Inspire’s strategic cloud-based solution that leverages customer insights into first-class experiences. 

Understand Experiences

Highlight and diagnose existing issues and opportunities.


Quickly create detailed customer journey maps with drag and drop tools, and custom design options.


Connect communications including letters, contracts, emails, quotes and statements to every touchpoint along the journey


Collaborate internally and share real-time feedback via social commenting, bringing agility to your enterprise communication strategy.

Design Experiences

Rethink existing processes and/or create new ones


Take immediate action to improve the customer experience (CX) by enabling business users and designers to make suggested changes in real-time.


Become blueprints or statements of direction


Understand your customers with meaningful interactions

Make the change, with Quadient

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Customer Experience Insights at your fingertips

Quadient Inspire Journey makes it easy for executives to view (and take action to improve) their organizations’ entire portfolio of customer communications through a single web interface, regardless of the underlying technology. 


Bring the customer journey to life

Gain a holistic CX journey view by linking Inspire Journey maps directly to the live digital and physical touch-points your customers interact with, including surveys, contracts, statements, customer ratings, emails, audio and video files, digital ads, etc. 


Make Customer Experience Improvements, Faster

Create and view journey maps, or drill down to gain insight into your customers’ feelings in context. Live insight updates allow for efficient, effective strategy and process adaptions and enhancements. Ensure consistent experiences across the entire customer journey by providing instant feedback to content creators and communications owners. 


Reducing Paper Consumption

Introduce omnichannel digital communications to ensure efficient, advanced communication delivery and remove unreliable, costly paper communications. 


Easy Integration

Linking your journey maps with your customer communications management platforms is critical to providing visibility into the Customer Experience. Quadient Customer Journey Mapping integrates seamlessly with your existing environment, CCM tools and third-party systems such as analytical tools, social media content, and BPO solutions. 


Empower your Employees

Give your Customer Experience team effective tools to prioritize projects, accelerate results, and drive collaboration throughout the design process of new customer journeys 

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Businesses need to focus on the experience of their customers at every point on their customer journeys, whether a marketing campaign or a call to your service desk, every interaction matters. Every department in an organisation needs to collaborate to provide the best possible experiences, and our solution is the string that pulls your customer experiences strategy together.